Shadow Tactics // Stylish real-time tactics in the Edo era

Shadow Tactics // Stylish real-time tactics in the Edo era

As a gamer of the old stroke, with titles like Commandos: Behind enemy lines, Desperados or Star Trek: Away Team. Without exception, games of a genre that, apart from the few rather bad attempts to develop a corresponding game, almost fell into oblivion: real-time tactics. But now a new star shines in the pale sky of this genre. We’re talking about Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun. I played the demo and didn’t want to deny you my experiences with it.

It is the year 1615, the Edo period in ancient Japan, and you slip into the role of five assassins on behalf of the shogun who, after his seizure of power, is now trying to restore peace to the country. The five protagonists meet rather coincidentally in the execution of their respective missions. They meet a wide variety of enemies and are often faced with challenges that can only be mastered as part of a team and with precise coordination.

This is also the real attraction of the genre. How do I get past the guards unseen? Do they really have to believe it, or is there perhaps a detour that is much safer? I’m sure you’ll ask yourself these questions a lot as the game progresses, but that’s a good thing, because after all, the developers are targeting those situations and they’re making the player think and act.

What really surprised me about Shadow Tactics was the ease with which the game captivated me. As a regular consumer of mangas and animes, I didn’t even ask about English voice output when there was a Japanese dubbing with subtitles. Alone for this I take my hat off to Mimimi Productions. You did it really well. The atmosphere is also refined by some scripted scenes and harmonious dialogues of the characters. Last but not least, the elaborate design of the environments is to be emphasized. All elements are combined to a very authentic gaming experience.

Unfortunately, only two missions can be played during the demo of Shadow Tactics. However, I am confident that I will be able to provide you with a detailed report of the full version as soon as the game has landed in my Steam library, because I won’t miss such a challenging tactical treat.

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