The Division – Test, Review

The Division – Test, Review

We live in a complex world. The more progress carries us, the more vulnerable the system becomes. We have built a house of cards. If you pull out just one card, everything collapses.

Black Friday – A devastating pandemic sweeps over New York City. The city’s basic supply is gradually being cut off. After just a few days without food and water, society plunges into chaos. The independent special unit “The Division” is alarmed and its agents lead an ordinary life on the outside, but were trained to operate independently and save society.

“The Division” seems to be quite complex and is supposed to offer the player more or something different than ordinary MMO’s, but the title doesn’t always manage that. Even though the story around our agent is denied in a varied and setting way, it’s still not really there. The many small single missions that are present in “The Division” offer a nice change, but are still nothing more than hollow “Kill X enemies and come back to camp” moments, “The Division” offers real variety with its ECHO moments, where the player gets to know a lot of little information about the “Black Friday” attack and its consequences. However, this can’t be deceived by the very flat storyline, as it is mostly told too confusingly and is pushed into the background by the side missions.

“Dark Zone” PvP with a lot of potential but few innovations

For all PvP fans there is also the PvP area, which in “The Division” bears the name “Dark Zone”, here it is basically about killing mobs, players and the sounding of those. The game is to be supported by the fact that the “Dark Zone” is nicely integrated into the storyline and not a separate section. But this is also where the problem starts, when a game tries to offer a smooth transition from multiplayer or singleplayer to PvP, some factors have to be right and this definitely didn’t happen with “The Division”.

Let me just explain it using a recent example (also seen in Lets Play). For the “Dark Zone” 2 elements are important, first the rank within the “Dark Zone” and second the level you have in the single player. The first hurdle is the fact that even people who have just started playing can enter the “Dark Zone”. This is fair to the PvP specialists, but the high mobs (mostly level 10 and higher) simply slaughter a level lower down. Once this hurdle is removed by eliminating in a group or leveling by the main and side missions, the human factor occurs. As in every MMO, “The Division” is not riddled with idiots, you can’t call it any other way, but other players want to get on your nerves. Unfortunately, unlike in beta, at the time of our test, there were no nice instances where players could avoid such tormentors. This and the fact, that too little is done against cheats, hacks and so on, makes the “Dark Zone” really a black zone, useless place, which would have been much more fun by instances, level- and ranking restrictions and the balancing of the mobs to the respective areas.


There is nothing wrong with the graphic itself. Even with the normal “high” setting the textures are nice, but were not always loaded fast enough during the test, which caused the atmosphere to suffer. But the cutscenes, on the other hand, were almost ready to be filmed and well designed.


The sound itself was good, the dubbing actors mostly spoke the voices according to the situation, but unfortunately every now and then one or the other voice attracted attention, which seemed to be listless. Also the felt millionth repetition of the same sentences by passers-by is quite annoying. The weapon sound, on the other hand, is well designed and credible.


If you use the default settings at the beginning you will have problems with the keyboard layout, so after about half an hour the ring finger of the sprint hurt me, because the fact that the character runs automatically via “X” didn’t help, because if someone attacks the mobs, the fight would be over pretty fast. Also crossing obstacles with “CTRL” takes getting used to. Here a “double spacebar” assignment would have been more useful.


With almost 43% in just under 12 hours, “The Division” offers a relatively large scope, since this only refers to the main and some side missions and the “Dark Zone” is not calculated, one can already assume several days to weeks of play time. Upcoming DLCs are supposed to extend the main missions again and could provide some hours of fun.


“The Division” is a great shooter with an interesting setting, yet this doesn’t help with the relatively flat story as well as the countless side missions, which may be fun at times, but also distract from the story. Also, the potential of the “Dark Zone” isn’t fully worked out. All in all a shooter with multiplayer mode in which a mediocre story was integrated.

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