Time is Running Out!

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Rats - Time is running out!

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About The Game:

You can play as a Rat and run through banks. You will notice that these banks are not ordinary banks. They are build like mazes. Find your way through them and by doing so you should also find hidden rooms, lots of puzzels and did we mention that you can control time? But all that comes at a cost – you will have to hide from guards or else you need to RUN(befor your time runs out)!

Main Features:

  • Eat cheeses which give you a boost and chang the fration of time.
  • You can build your own stuff if you find coins.!
  • To get in the vault you need to solve puzzels!
  • It is easy to control!


Ratsgame is a really simple but good game. I like games that don't try to overload things all the time. Ratsgame says: Hey, we have a concept and we will keep it as easy and as fun as possible. No unesessary extra things. And that is what I like about it.
We just want to test something here. It will be over soon so don't worry about it.
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